7 Things to Do to Prepare Your Melbourne Home for Exterior Paint


The exterior of your home in Melbourne should leave a lasting first impression on you and your visitors. In an effort to achieve a clean and smooth finish, exterior walls must be adequately prepared for painting. Painting a wall surface that is poorly prepped will only cause dissatisfaction, whereas quality pre-paint work will pay huge dividends. In this article, we have highlighted the seven most important things to do to prepare your Melbourne home for perfect exterior paint. Follow these steps to save yourself from unnecessary frustration and to retain the longevity of your magnificent walls:


  1. Wash the Walls Before Applying Paint: Washing the exterior walls will not just make them clean but also set up a perfect foundation for a fresh coat of paint. Generally, if you pressure wash the exterior walls, you can quickly get rid of loosely hanging paint chips, debris and dirt that, if left as it is, can result in a poorly painted surface. You can also wash the walls manually; however, it might take you longer to complete the task, and you may feel exhausted. It would be best if you kept in mind to keep a window of a day or two to allow the walls to dry thoroughly and then move on to the next step.


2. Get Rid of Stains, Moulds and Mildew: Now that the dirt and debris on the surface have been removed, it’s time for you to get rid of those nasty stains, moulds and mildew prior to applying a coat of paint. It is not uncommon for such build-ups to appear in corners of walls as a result of exposure to humidity and mould spores. By removing them, you will increase the lifespan of your paint.


3. Scrape off the Loose Paint: It is essential to scrape off all the loose paint from your exterior walls to ensure proper adhesion of the fresh paint. To do so, take a sharp flat blade or a putty knife, and lift up the loose old paint. 


4. Sand the Walls: A wide variety of sanding equipment is available in the market nowadays that help you sand the walls. It is important not to miss sanding in areas where the old paint has been scraped off and where the edges need to be levelled or smoothened out. 


5. Caulk the Exterior Walls: After scraping the loose paint, it is now time for caulking. Just as you removed that loose paint, you should now get rid of loose caulk too. In case one side of the caulk is cracked, help the other side. Take a razor knife to cut the caulk away. As the caulk gets removed, it is now time to re-caulk those areas. Make use of a good-quality and quick-drying caulk as the sealer. 


6. Prime the Exterior: In case you find that the previous paint is still properly sticking to the surface, it provides an ideal base for the new paint. Nevertheless, if you notice any scraped off bare wood, it must be bonded with a good primer. There may be situations where all the previous paint is withered away; then in such cases, it is advised to prime the entire house first. Priming the walls is crucial as the exterior paint tends to bond better to the primer than the bare timber, thus making a perfect sense to prime the external bare wooden areas before painting. 


7. Mask and Tape Off Unwanted Areas: When it comes to exterior wall painting, there are many types of surfaces that you have to deal with. In an effort to protect the areas that do not have to be painted, use a large-sized drop cloth to cover those surfaces. You can use any kind of drop cloth ranging from plastic, canvas or paper, depending on your needs. Once you cover the areas and protect the ground from the paint spills, tape and mask off all the things, windows or trim that do not have to be painted. We suggest using painters tape along with plastic to protect the areas that you don’t want to get colour on. 


If you follow the steps mentioned above when preparing your Melbourne home for a fresh coat of exterior paint, you will improve the lifespan of your freshly painted house and reduce the amount of maintenance needed as time passes by. 


In most cases, people nowadays do not have the time or expertise to handle exterior painting jobs on their own. This is why it makes perfect sense to take help of expert exterior house painters in Melbourne. Let us help you with all your house painting requirements! We assure you 100% satisfaction and timely completion. Get a free consultation today!