Looking for an ideal way to give your home in Melbourne a makeover, however, you are on a budget? Well, painting your home is one of the simplest and economical ways to go. Giving your rooms a new shade of paint is sufficient to accentuate the look and feel of your home.


Nevertheless, before beginning, you need to make up your mind if you’re going to paint on your own or you’re going to take the help of a professional house painter in Melbourne. Here in this article, we have got ten questions for you to ask yourself before making this decision:


1: What type of paint should you apply on the walls, and how is every variety different from the other?


Did you know that paint technology is actually a thing? Professional house painters can assist you in picking the best type of paint that would be suitable for each of your rooms. For instance, were you aware that you should use a semi-gloss finish paint in your kitchen area since it is more long-lasting and simpler to clean, however, you can apply a coat of matte paint in your bedroom to save costs in those low traffic spaces?


2. Do you have all the required equipment?


Painting requires a large number of accessories, such as brushes, paint, drop cloths, rollers, the tape of different thicknesses, ladders and many more. Do you have all these items, or you plan to invest in them? Nevertheless, if you hire professional house painters in Melbourne, they have these tools handy, and you end up saving a lot of your money and time.


3. Are you ready to prep your walls?


Based on how long it has been since you last painted your house, you will have to scrape off the old paint, remove stains and spots, and smoothen the surface to make sure that the paint lasts for a long time. Now that’s a lot of work to do! Are you prepared to do all that? If not, it is best to seek external help.


3. Do you have insurance coverage for any DIY mishap?


One of the primary reasons for hiring a professional painter is insurance and license. There are chances that someone can get injured by falling from the ladder while painting or get hurt by slipping on a paint spill. Professional painters in Melbourne are insured in case of any accident mishap and also experienced at preventing such events.


4. What would you do if you notice bubbles or streaks in the final coat?


Did you know that many professional painters are hired just to fix the do-it-yourself jobs? Quality is one of the biggest reasons why people hire experts from the beginning. Professionally done, exterior or interior house painting, is going to last much longer and even look a lot better, with sharp edges and absolutely no bubbles or streaks in the paint.


5. What could you and your family be doing rather than painting?


We understand that your home is very important to you; however, so is your time. Seeking help from professional interior and exterior house painters in Melbourne can save you a lot of time and effort. Not only does it take a lot less time for these painters to paint your house completely and properly, but you can spend that time in carrying out something else while the pros do their job. If you paint your house by yourself, it may take you weeks to complete whereas professionals will have it painted in a matter of a few days or even hours.


6. After painting, are you ready to clean up all the mess?


Oh well, the sofa looks so comfy, and you just want to sit down to unwind for a while. But wait! There is still paint to store for future use, brushes or rollers to clean, floor to mop for spilled paint, tapes to remove, ladders to put away and so much more. In case you do not clear that up on time, there are chances of you ending up with nasty stains on the floor or freshly-painted walls. On the other hand, professional house painters ensure that they create less of a mess and thoroughly clean your property after completing their job without wasting any time.


Need to hire a team of professional house painters in Melbourne for both interior and exterior paint? Trust our team to get your job done. Our experts will visit your house to evaluate your property, understand your needs, and then provide you with a genuine quote for the project. So, what are you waiting for? Request for a free consultation today!